Getting Started with WebKit (part of release 0.2 for DPS911)

In order to contribute anything to WebKit, firstly we will need to get the code to our machine. As Apple says we will need to install the proper developer tools, download a source code, build from source and run the custom build.

1st step — Installing Necessary Developer Tools

To build a WebKit Mac users will need to install the latest version of Xcode and install the Xcode Command Line Tools using the following command in terminal:

xcode-select --install

2nd step — Getting the Code

To get the code using git you will need to run the following command in terminal (typically this process will take some time):

git clone git:// WebKit

For updating the WebKit repo on your machine you can run the following command on terminal:


But for easier way to look trough the code of WebKit you can use the following links of online repos:

install tools

get code, build run


easy way of see the code

How to find bugs on Bugzilla?



testing contributions

How to talk to WebKit’s community on the IRC?


setting up

how and why to commicate, warns

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