More Bug Triaging for WebKit (release 0.2 for DPS911)

For the 0.2 release for WebKit, I decided to work with different things in order to improve my knowledge of the project. I really wanted to do code contributions, but it is not so easy to find a bug that requires code editing, because WebKit is a pretty huge project and that is why it has lots of super old bugs that require testing and bug triage but not coding.

Bug #1

At the very beginning of this release I was looking on the following bug:
Safari/Webkit windows move up 28 pixels, Firefox windows move up 50 pixels.

WOW! This bug is from 2008! Again we should remember that in 2008 Firefox used a WebKit as a web engine.

After reproducing this bug on current versions of Firefox and Safari with the code provided I got the following:

Surprisingly nothing happened when I tried to run that code in browsers. As well Firefox is not using Webkit, so we cant test a WebKit engine in Firefox. I have commented about my thoughts on Bugzilla and waiting for the reaction of the community to my comment.

But then my professor helped me to understand why window can not be moved. The problem is in the webkit/Source/WebCore/page/DOMWindow.cpp file. There is a code that prevents window geometry to be changed:

void DOMWindow::moveTo(float x, float y) const
if (!allowedToChangeWindowGeometry())

Page* page = m_frame->page();
FloatRect fr = page->chrome().windowRect();
FloatRect sr = screenAvailableRect(page->mainFrame().view());
FloatRect update = fr;
update.move(x, y);
page->chrome().setWindowRect(adjustWindowRect(*page, update));

I have commented about this on Bugzilla and now I am waiting for any response from the community.

Bug #2

After commenting about the previous bug on Bugzilla, I moved to a new one

This bug says that there are some problems with positioning of elements in the “Live Broadcast” label, please see the example below.

This bug was published in 2011 so it seemed to me to not be a bug in 2019, but testing was required in order to comment about this on Bugzilla.

It was a challenge to find a life broadcast on the web with Apple’s QuickTime player design because such websites as YouTube and Facebook designed their own live players and the link provided in the description was not working.

But I thought that the fact that on some website player looks good is not enough evidence that bug was fixed. I noticed that under the bug Jer Noble from Apple ( commented the following:

Finally, I remembered that Apple publishes very detailed change logs of WebKit couple times a year. After going through the logs I found out the file mentioned by Jer that he/she wanted to edit in order to fix a bug.


Surprisingly this fix was referencing a very similar bug that was resolved and fixed

After this research, we can say that this bug is not a bug anymore, because it was fixed 8 years ago. I have commented about this research on Bugzilla and waiting for the reaction of the community to my fix.