Forget productivity hacks, reduce hate instead
Daniel Weiß

Hi Daniel,

thanks for your feedback. I agree with you. Due to an incident happening to a friend this week I just thought about, how to deal with hate (coming from others) if confronted with it. And my conclusion is just as yours. Don’t hate back. It’s a vicious circle.

Better “pray” for your “enemies” so they might find peace. Forgive them, for they don’t know what they do, to others and to themselves. But still be prepared for bad things to come from their side — mentally and practically. Focus on beauty and the good things after being done with preparations (avoiding dangerous situations etc.).

All in all, like you said hate just indicates that you should stay away from something. If you do that and manage to be at peace with the situation afterwards, then half the problem has gone and you are freer to continue your journey joyfully.

I’d like to add though that this level of emotional control is greatly supported if you do all the productivity hacks you mentioned and keep improving. Since it increases your abilities, power and confidence, all which you need to be at a high level deal with the thoughts that create hate inside.