What should you do if you can’t code?

Remember this article is for those who wants to code but they can’t. so if you want to code but you can’t then ask yourself something
Why I can’t code? Don’t have the ability to do it?
Busy in something other activity?
Can’t I understand the scripts?
Am I lazy?
I don’t have time?
I don’t have sources? Like college, university?
Am I overage?
If your situation doesn’t meet any conditions which I have mentioned above then congratulation you can code but you can’t take your first step? What is the first step to becoming programmer? 
Decide Your Desire Programming Language
The first step to becoming coder or programmer is to think that in which language you take the interest? Is it android? Is it iOS? Is it The Web? It doesn’t matter what it is. The matter is that in which programming language you take more interest, in which programming language you think if you start it then you can cover it easily and become a professional programmer. First, arrange a small meeting with yourself and decide first that in which programming language you want to program and change the world. I used the word change the world because programming is a tool that used by the programmers to change the world. What You next step to enter the programmer’s world?
Decide You Learning Sources or Website?
Your next step is to learn to program, I recommend you to learn online 70% programmers are learned online so you and other beginner programmers can make it 71%.if you are interested in HTML,CSS, PHP and javascript then w3schools is for you. You can start here from zero. If you are interested in android app development the Andro Development is the best platform for you. Let suppose you have selected Android App Development and Select Andro Development To learn it. Then take the first look to Android or Android Overview.