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Jan 7 · 16 min read

This edition of Facebook was nothing but trouble and a pain staking aggravation because each time that I attempt to use it wants to inform me I have to continuously upgrade it to help keep it operating smoothly. While I do upgrade ittells me to upgrade it over and over.


Quite disappointing I am unable to find all comments on articles. I am able to observe the amount of opinions but can only see one or 2 of these and sometimes can not find some of these. Additionally, it is very frustrating when you clicks on a URL to see,say, a page simply to wind up with a refreshed page when shutting the connection (rather than back in the place where you began ). It would be helpful to have copy and paste back also, aside from that its a fantastic program. Thank you for making it.

It is Facebook with less performance. Gets the work done for the most part but it’s like having a program written in just like 2008, the encounter is choppy and at times frustrating. The standing feed will occasionally reload & bring back you all of the way to the very best and occasionally you can not do particular things like label people in something or take something off your deadline, forcing one to log into Facebook onto a internet browser. FB Lite: allows you Facebook, largely.

Since reconciling differences and getting back together again following the separation, things are fairly easy, but I have discovered the transitioning of this computer keyboard to typing demands adaptibility. It’s somewhat rigid and that I must manually down it and commence typing again and do so multiple times once I must distance or create grammatical corrections.

I enjoy using this program as it works although your telephone have 2g network link, work in low sign location, if we’ve got something to indicate of, in other words, allowing the images quality and quantity still exactly the same as sending to friends using this program, since everytime I send images to friends, the photograph is no more apparent, its blurry.

Reveals a badge at the upper right corner (menu that I figure ) for literally all, its almost unclearable. Lousy ux. Reveals a blue bar supporting the navbar that endures even though youre using gestures. Devices could conceal the navbar more than this program existed. Shameful for a business as big as fb. To not mention the worse main program.

I have checked all of the constraints. Nothing is limited. I have already done all of the general troubleshooting. . Not focusing wifi. . The program is great but make it function on wifi. I do not have great connecrion dor mobile data in the home. .

I cant sort:-RRB- when I needed to sort a comment, it deleted the words I need to sort few occasions Simply to type a phrase with no deleted automatically Example: once I clicked”super”, inserted a distance, then the phrase typed mechanically It occurred few times before I could sort a word correctly, it doesnt happen just once but few occasions, I had that the lite version because I haven’t enough space in my telephone, please fix that mistake What a disappointment, facebook:)

It ought to have choice for backup the text..in that this matter..got much trouble. . Users cannot replicate the text of any article. . .please provide the characteristic of paste, copy text..on the opposite,,Facebook program has the characteristic of( copy,paste) text….this is just 1 thing that I miss alot from fb lite..It is expected that paste, copy text attribute will fit from the fb lite…

When I talk to someone about the messages , then type some thing, the term only scrambles up like mad. And I luke how you are going to respond to some post of movie. Its kinna strange and its very annoying on how ur placing the responses when I will hold the such as button. Please eliminate the new attribute, kinna bothersome. Thank you

There’s not any nighttime mod to utilize. So it’s damaging to utilize the program when dark. I believe that you should incorporate this attribute in program quickly because I avoid use of this program at night yet another thing,we can not observe how many friends we’ve. Hence this is a large issue. The following problem is slow pace and much loading period.

Okay. App it is appears to be nice since nearly of upgrades. But unfortunately now isn’t functioning”aid in box” that is bad for what an user has to know. Already send assist. 3 stars are deserved counting rate and others stuffs such as beautiful layout. Cya.

Another part lacks various troubles. Slow to no skill upload of images, pages when generating occasion. No previews of photographs on telling list. On occasions, tap telling and it will not lead to occasion, etc.. . etc.. .

I attempted to log into my own account, but rather than taking me to my webpage, it asked me to get log in credentials and also to upload a photograph. While I do it informs me that the webpage can not be loaded due to the”unexpected error”…

Not revealing notifications. Still an issue with the pull refresh gesture too. Maybe quit stressing so much about shielding false political commercials and repair the program.

This program is always filled with glitches that are inconsistent and layout arbitrary alterations. Now, the program deletes all my words which are considered misspelled from the spellcheck system, such as contractions. I vow, if it was not for all my buddies using this program, I would drop it in a heartbeat.

Somewhat Limited — should I discuss a post for a messageI will share but not include remark / text. Additionally when discussing as message it simply brings up people not groups. Therefore, in the event that you would like to talk about w/ several men and women, you have to do each one separately. . Then once you send connection / article, you have to depart fb program, enter messenger, then type your message to every individual. However, my chief issue for last fourteen days program hasn’t enabled me to open my own notifications Repair these 3 problems and I will update my review

It is really an wonderful program but a few more attribute will make it even more attractive.The total amount of reactors have to shown on most of article like Facebook.I wish to see my buddy list mentioning the entire number of buddies and in alphabetical order.I expect the program authority will immediately fullfill my requirements.

Quick and great, but I receive messages a few times for the exact same issue. Even after I seen, enjoyed and commented. Somewhat messy if you’re utilized to the pc version. I shall keep it to the telephone as it is the better choice.

Hello Fb team help me. PLEASE REPLY. Everytime I enter password and email that they state they shipped a login code however I do not obtain any codereseting password isn’t functioning as it asks for login code.This is occurring after I reseted my own phons. PLEASE HELP I’m unable to get hold of you. :(

It is fine it is mild in size so that it occupies less space in my memory. But I am unable to download uploaded files (such as pdf) on a bunch. I hope You’re able to fix this

It is fantastic…. However,… Everytime you receive a notification from the preferences tab, you need to uninstall program, then reinstall it in order for it to be removed.

This program doesn’t load WiFi for a certain reason. Very annoying as it is such a mild program focused on conducting on very low data relations, therefore there should not be a problem with it loading a solid WiFi connection. Please fix!

Lite!? You’re JOKING right?? It loads/buffers when I need to form a straightforward STATUS! Facebook is a dull, tired old joke today, as an program and as a societal networking website generally.

I enjoy the program is a lot cleaner than the first. On the other hand, the text is little and even the massive text is too tiny. In addition, it could be fine if I could place my collections feed on the primary page rather than having to dig it.

Among the worst program. My Facebook accounts was disabled. While I wish to login it states your account was disabled. It states that affirm your identity. I send my title,telephone no. And aadhar card info. I, however, can’t login. Please Assist

In years past I had issues with notifications. Following today’s upgrade, it is even worse. I get an error each time I exploit the telling tab, so that I do not understand what notifications I am getting.

There is a continuous blue bar in the base of the app. Makes the program looking overly tacky. New issue: you can not get into the notifications. It provides an error when you click it.

Your program unexpectedly eliminate the text message which I am typing, please fix these as soon as possible. It disturbs many people when we tap on the distance of the keyboard after which the remark or chatbox is obviously likely to be vacant.

The ghost secrets are constantly current when I try to form a message. And no research button? smh
Facebook Lite APK

I believe it designed to automatically change it’s font design to apparatus font design, I don’t like the way the apps only remain in stock font fashion, please fix the matter, thanks.

There are a whole lot of errors within this program. Among my errors is that a number of my buddies have an account name change and within they’ve picture shift. A number of them have exactly the identical name but the photograph differs.

Whenever I try to type msg or remarks then the text box begin to demonstrate disbehaivour. . .being unfair using elderly Android… so what I use kitkat variant!! If I could upgrade the facebook lite program then must allow to use readily…

It is useful in lots of ways. It attracts friends and relatives jointly and loved ones too, etc.. Information, commercial and merchandise.

Many times while conserving photographs on gallery Lite such as,”Something went wrong”. Why? I have to try twice to save a picture. Very bothersome. Solve it. And provide me 3838380 for letting you understand

I really don’t understand what is wrong going for this program. Whenever I start that fb lite, it is not able to load pics and videos. The majority of the people can simply see descriptions & texts of their articles but not able to watch view videos and pics.

The new upgrade where we need to pick atleast one buddy to perform discuss a post is poor, sometimes we only need to observe that article for private (just me)& do not need to talk about, eliminate this mandatary to pick atleast one buddy part when performing share…

After a very long time I set up this program I was logging together with my login credentials but unexpectedly my accounts had been logging with others identification how would be this occurred. It never had done earlier please create this stable otherwise do not understand what’s going to be happen. #facebook

I’ve gotten rid of the complete programs for several brands. Lighting is the best way to go! Go green, proceed mild! Place ur programs on a diet!

Program is okk however, facebook group manegment are Wrost. Each time you’re handicapped my facebook account. My 3 balances are handicapped within 9months. It’s an excellent problem to me you’re asked to address my issue facebook team.

It includes several bugs. New new issues appears daily .even after upgrading the program, It Doesn’t reveal any telling rather shows no fresh notifications .please fix these bugs .still not solved the problems tremendously dissatisfied

The movies are streaming without streaming but pictures aren’t loading. . .profile pictures aren’t loading. . . However, no picture is loading from previous two weeks. .

Considering that the latest upgrade, I’m just able to”such as” a post. Another choices no more can be found eg,, enjoy, wow or depressed. Still exactly the same. Please fix this

Yet again Upgraded app and all I get is continuous loading display… No Facebook lite. Restarted telephone and nothing. Will reinstall and uninstall but just after. Quite disappointed as have had no problems with this program til now

A great deal better than using the pre-installed facebook bloatware which is included with mobiles. Saves alot of on memory and marginally better on information use. For some reason it appears simpler to utilize messanger lite for this

Crashes and restarts the program regularly whilst in the center of things. Getting tired of having half way through a movie and unexpectedly blue display Facebook emblem and refresh. Video or article lost forever.

I frustrated with this program today, I really-really hard to log into my own groups.

Can not copy and paste. Restriction on duration of messages. No black motif, etc!

I can not load the previous messages. It is worse!!!! 1 star for its rate but the new attributes suck!! Seriously, I can not load the previous messages!!

It is so tough to upload photographs particularly when I am scanning my gallery to locate my preferred pic. Facebook also destroys it is caliber everytime I uploaded photographs which gives me a headache. Please fix this!

Okay app but recently it has been glitching out for example revealing I’ve a message once I do not or a telling actually got to fix this! . And it is beginning to mess this up program today always saying sorry try again after!!

Whenever I see video using this program, the movie will jump 7 minutes mark. I can not observe the first 7 minutes of any movie.

Facebook with no motive disable my account. Now it’s requesting”affirm your identity”. Bad customer support. I have many vital files in my Facebook accounts like bank accounts information, company information, documents issued by Indian authorities and a lot more things. Please facebook group open my accounts. Since you disabled my accounts I can’t access to my companies. Please assist. I complaint concerning this issue but did not receive any response. Please take care of this issue.

It’s fantastic method on getting fb without information so its really good to work with anywhere you need but what is there’s a stage it cleanses which I can not even log in anymore.
Facebook Lite APK

I harbor bad experience on this program because I can’t obtained any the shift inside this program from my fb accounts my fb accounts is 6yrs old and it doesn’t harbor the new look that’s the new appearance of fb lite that that is black and black color look but my account still in white and blue color please alter my fb lite appearance.

This is quite useful & likewise not carrying too much memory such as Facebook. However there’s one problems, if 50 people given birthday fantasies message afterward just last 15/20 messages revealing. It should demonstrate all 50 messages.

Following the current upgrade, I can not click on the telling. Kindly resolve this. I will change back the initial Facebook program.

I cant comment or upload my standing, why is this? . The moment I attempt to upload or comment it moves away. And why do I must download this program 3–4times per week? Please assist oo. I cant put in Facebook lite and successfully utilize it for an entire week.

After installing the upgrade on 11/7 I will no longer get my forthcoming events or occasion invitations. I uninstalled and reinstalled without a shift. That is unacceptable. Back to routine Facebook I move.

Truly it is bad. . This program not downloading my cellphone. . Before I’m employing this Facebook lite. . I dont understand how it’s unexpectedly Uninstall. . Again I am attempting to downloading. . Nonetheless, it’s mistakes coming… I do not understand. . I send comments too. . Still no 1 response…

I contrasted it with the entire version of Facebook Msgr with the exact same network and it takes forever to bring up the choice to send a photograph in conversations.

It was very convenient coz it resembles the conventional sort of facebook that it’s a combo of messenger and a facebook. Since the time goes , the facebook has been split to its messenger that is why it had been very crutial to utilize the programs of facebook.

Im using Oneplus 7 using android 10, when utilizing complete gestures as navigation, then there’s a blank space at the bottom in which the native android 10 navigation has been set. . Its kinda nasty to check out. . I expect FB lite will encourage whole screen.

Same attribute as the first facebook blue program but reduced mb desired,so it is great but I do not understand why I can not see the invitations to enjoy a particular page or group. I hope you will Repair It shortly

Wonderful program but there there should be more progress like there Ought to Be privacy in messages who can text us inbox as there is solitude in place sharing on timeline that who will view our articles people, friends or friends of friends there ought to be same solitude for messages

I cant check my own notifications. Upgraded the program and nothing else changed. 1 star until this matter is fixed.

The program refreshes to the very top of whatever page that is being navigated everytime I save a post on my store collections. Kindly correct this bug .

I’m not delighted cuz I can’t change my password on account of this fact that they send sms messages to confirm -perhaps I will give my email to do it that way -plus it states in preferences one minute which I’m busy from this apparatus my sole device then another minute it says I’m busy from an unknown apparatus so that facebook get it together

It was a fantastic messenger program for Facebook but today I truly hate being not able to replay a movie I simply watched over the information feed. That has to be repaired.

I really like fb lite till today but there was awful upgrade that if I was able to play with video of fb lite it’s play and streaming if I click on the back button however fb lite is utilizing the cellular data for this movie. Please provide the upgrades like preceding version

It is great in seeing post and also simple to comments.Where system it is not functioning well this program is performing much better compered to other program,I think okey with it.Only the challenges along with it are infrequent bt no too poor compered to other program.

Basically a excellent program…I just wish it supported spinning! I have a tablet computer that’s in landscape settings and that I utilize it in a folio with a computer keyboard! The dumb app will not rotate!

When I sort words it deletes it ,it rarely occurs before,today it occurs often,and it is becoming quite annoying.When I respond on articles it deletes it when I press the back button

Normally a 5. Another group of Program upgrades awaiting’Q’ again now that already upgraded once, double, 3times.

Horrible experience . When ever I kind remark it seems posting but not post. While I discuss any photograph it also demonstrates that some thing went wrong. Please fix this particular bug. Thank you.

It seems like im with the older model of facebook lite even if it’s upgraded.i dont understand why since when my sister open her FB acc.to my cp,it appears like updated but when I start mine, then it change to older edition. ☹️can you tell me why?

Sir,before we could add 30 pictures. But today we can not. Now just 10 photographs can include. Please fix This Issue

Since the new upgrade, I can not type my login information for Facebook lite anymore. Why is this?

It is Facebook it does precisely what I use Facebook for. It is bothersome that sometimes it does not load up, I will open the program and it waits about the loading screen.

Don’t download if you’ve got an adequate strage space. It does not occupy too much space. It convinced irritates me once I get exactly the exact same telling thrice or longer.

Strange. Hope that you will fix this shortly. Thank you.

Was good for approximately one hour . Afterward completely failed . Don’t start.

So many bogus profiles in life & you folks would not take them off after getting reports,inconsistent FB Group,and this lite version has numerous bugs, so I do not even wanna start,as there are lots of

The program is amazing but its now not working on airtel system in India therefore please supply some solution. It’s working on wifi and other programs but not functioning exclusively on Airtel Network in India.
After every upgrade it create an issue by itself with playing with video. The audio and movie has no game with one another. Video runs so quickly…
Facebook Lite APK
#defaulter #worstapplication #garbage Its a defaulter program it protects the ID and provide dumb alternatives to open balances. . Following my ID secured its not opened from 2014… And today it is 2020 coming. . Do not download It is filled with hackers, Defaulter, I had reporters and dumb policies and terms. .

Its great but Facebook following the upgrade I cant move on webpage most pages once I attempt to click on e.g on page it states”Please try again” We love this program pls work with it. Fantastic day I’ll Be waiting mend it certain Facebook

Runs faster than the standard app in my previous phone, but that is just as it functions.

Hope it is possible to Permit the display to rotate since in my situation even though my cellphone setting is vehicle spinning it will work in your program because my phone is broken on the Ideal side its not functioning thats why I cant click on the telling icon hope u can read this thank u so much’

Nothing online is secure from hackers today days. Your programs are constantly running in the background. Fix the issues rather than making bugs.

Please include the rich pages to cache from this apparatus frustrating when the link is missing and I can not browse to next and again it ought to happen to be saved on cache… Please include this service

Regrettably… This program is really damn annoying… Firstit was great but once I used it… It is free information. . I can not find the photographs even it states to use less info…

The program seems to empty a great deal of my battery in my Pixel 3. Additionally, I can not see my notifications by simply clicking on the telling bell.

While I Wish to upload a photo editor not available at a Really good rate of net why It requires all my consent but once I click upload photograph it doesn’t open each time It’s very quite annoying Android get mad on it

**FB is just one of the very best platform to associate of the entire world. ## and studying different — different languages in addition to culture.

It isn’t even launching when I am on 4G community and can be telling to connect to wifi. On precisely the exact same system, I downloaded and installed it. Disappointing…

Okay seriously this program Is Actually getting on my nerves, so everytime I write something click space to compose some thing else it just deletes the phrase I wrote, and it is not my cellphone, this only happens with this program

Very poor experience. In period of 2–3 days, the program stops launching. Please check it and correct the bugs!

Originally published at https://steemit.com on January 7, 2020.

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