A Guide that will Help You Import Gadgets from China Wholesale Companies

One of the easiest ways to start your own business is to invest money in procuring a range of gadgets from an affordable China wholesale company and then market the acquired products to the local consumers at profitable rates. However, it is not easy as it sounds, since there are many import and export procedures involved in executing this task. Many retailers think that is quite complicated to fulfill such procedures.

However, with the help of the given guide below you can easily get a clear vision on all such aspects:

Put Relationships Above Contracts — the very first thing you need to do is understand that the Chinese value personal agreements and relationships over legal and contractual obligations. It will be a huge boon to your budding business if you are polite, friendly and non-confrontational as you communicate with Chinese wholesalers. Do note, however, that a polite and friendly contact can still stick a knife in your back and leave you with a very bad deal. Still, being polite and working on relationships will get you in a better position when you manage to find a reliable wholesaler to work with.

Find Reliable Wholesalers To Work With — One of the trickiest things to accomplish is to hunt down a wholesaler who can satisfy your need for gadgets at cost-effective rates. The key to executing this task is to always prefer wholesaler who have been active in the market for a time span of at least five years and has a standard reputation in the market. A good sign to hunt a legitimate company is to get in touch with them via voice chat, live chat or even emails. A legitimate company shall always be ready to address all your queries and provide instant assistance to their company’s representatives. Get insights over their business model, their licensing information, factory locations, free samples for examination, payment methods offered by them. Make sure to bring up the use of escrow services, as legitimate wholesale China companies don’t mind going through an extra layer of security to protect both parties involved in the deal.

Choose Your Payment Method — PayPal is becoming increasingly accepted by China wholesale companies, making it an ideal payment method whenever possible. You can dispute bad claims, and PayPal is generally pro-buyer if the seller can’t properly defend how they’ve done business with you. If PayPal is not an option, look for escrow services like TransferMate, AliExpress or Transpact. They’ll hold on to your money until you confirm you’ve properly received the package from the China wholesale company you’re working with. The last option is paying via a wire transfer. There is absolutely NO protection here, so you’re taking a huge risk by paying directly through bank accounts or throughmoney transfer services like Moneygram or Western Union. Use these at your own risk.

Choose Your Shipping Method — couriers and freight forwarding are the most popular choices for first-timers at importing wholesale from China. Fees are manageable enough for small packages that don’t weigh much, but the companies handle all the paperwork for you. All you need to do is pay the fees and pick up the packages. If you decide to go bulk and import using air freight or even sea freight, then your shipments need to be large enough to compensate for the documentation and customs fees. You’ll also want to hire a customs broker to handle the declarations on your end. That is, unless you’re willing to spend time learning all about taxes, customs, import security filing and all the other stuff that comes with importing larger packages from China.

Once you’ve accomplished all this, you’ll be ready to pick up and retail the gizmos you imported from your China wholesale supplier. Oh, and one last thing: stay away from branded products! White-label or unbranded products are fine, but you will almost certainly find yourself in legal hot water when you start dealing fake products out on the market!

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