Explore the Unknown Destinations Successfully with Android Navigation Apps

Stepping into an unknown zone in your city or outside the city is no more an adventurous or an anxious task. It’s just because the capabilities of smartphones and mobile devices have reached beyond imagination today and are enough to survive when you are in an unknown part of the city. And all the credit goes to the navigation app development. These apps are able to help the user to find a way, create a route free of traffic jam and also guide the other users to navigate to their destination. As a result, the travel industry is growing faster as the business persons and tourists find it more convenient to explore the new locations without spending more time as this apps guide them continuously in unknown locations.

The people today use the navigation apps to find certain places or nearby events; navigate to the desired destination; find friends nearby; check public transports for commuting to the destined location, avail a deal or the special offer (if any). It helps the users to make a planned drive as it facilitates to enter the desired time and date, add to the calendars, send e-mails or share the route with friends. It helps to watch traffic updates on real-time and reroute for a stress-free travel.

Obviously, this has inspired the travel industries to flock behind the mobile app development companies to create an app for their restaurants and hotels to allure the tourists and business persons.

Moreover, the navigation apps alert the user for turn-by-turn directions, announce the distance and name of the each street as it approaches. It will also announce the location of the destination is on the right or the left side.

Moving further, Android stands out distinct among the available navigation apps because it is possible to download the maps of the countries around the world and use it offline. The Android developer in India or abroad are able to insert this feature which would guide the tourists’ offline. This comes handy when travelling to unknown destinations even without the need of an Internet connection. The maps available offline makes all the differences while travelling.

Some of the benefits of offline navigation are as follows:

  • The download or use of foreign network is quite expensive. These apps cut down the roaming costs while travelling outside the country.
  • The monthly allocated data could be saved for other purposes like sending pictures, web browsing, and other important calls. The user need not spend the data on maps navigation.
  • As all the information are stored already locally on the phone, there would be no buffering or wait period. Hence, there is least chance for missing a turn.
  • The offline maps convert the phone into a personal navigation device which is fast, smooth, and reliable too.
  • The offline mode limits the use of data and thus potentially save the battery life for a couple of hours. This makes a difference when the user is making a long journey as he would not see his phone die enroute.
  • The travel routes could be shared with the friends on social networks as well.
  • It supports for multiple languages for people who are convenient with the regional languages.
  • Furthermore, the Android application development facilitates the visually impaired persons to use the app. It announces the information at regular intervals or whenever the user shakes the phone.

Thus, the navigation apps on Android phones are gaining traction for the business persons as it saves their precious time; travel industries to allure customers; adventurers and tourists to explore the unknown destinations stress-free, and the visually impaired persons for its helpful usage.

Originally published at androiddevelopergroup.wordpress.com on June 28, 2017.