Tips For Facilitating Online Payments For E-Commerce Shoppers

Understanding the psychology of online shoppers is a huge challenge. Something as minor as a slow loading page or an additional field to fill might give them the reason for abandoning the transaction. The seller, therefore, has to be on his toes to ensure that the potential buyers get a more than perfect checkout experience. One of the key aspects of the checkout process relates to payment processing. The idea is to deliver an easy online payment process on the online store. You have to take care of the payment feature if you are opting for iOS or android app development for your online business. In other words, a smooth payment experience across the website and mobile app ensure high conversion and sales.

Here are a few measures that e-commerce sellers can adopt to facilitate the online payments for their customers:

Offer Multiple Payment Methods
 Having a single payment method or even a few options can be detrimental for the store sales. For this reason, it should offer multiple payment methods on the checkout page. PayPal, credit cards, bank transfers, and cash on delivery are some of the most popular online payment methods that every online store must have. Integration of multiple payment options is an essential part of the job of an iOS or Android developer.

Enable Payment Without Account Creation
 Another problem that usually drives away online shoppers is that websites and apps ask them to sign up before shopping. This causes them to drop the idea and move on to a site where they are already registered. One of the best ways to ease online payment is to enable guest checkout.

Provide Impeccable Security
 Security is another feature that you must discuss with your website and mobile app development company. A buyer will part with his money only when he is convinced about the security of his financial information. A seamless design along ensures the buyer’s trust. Also, the user should not be redirected to a third-party website for completing the transaction.

Ask Only For Essential Information
 Another tip to make online payments more trustworthy is by asking the buyers for only the essential information. Making them fill tedious forms with multiple fields tends to irritate them. Additionally, they might not complete the purchase if they are not willing to give away too many personal and financial details.

Make It Easier To Rectify Errors
 Buyers are required to fill in lengthy details while they make online payments. For instance, there might be some typing errors while entering the credit card details. Displaying an error message along with help regarding action to be taken would be helpful for the users. Expert Android developers usually add a feature in the app to display the error message right next to the field where the buyer has mistyped.

Give A Definitive Call To Action
 Finally, it has to be ensured that the buyers are given very specific and clear call to action rather than ambiguous ones. Definitive CTAs such as “Continue Shopping”, “Proceed to Pay”, and “Continue To Checkout” serve clear meaning and drive the buyer to complete the transaction. On the other hand, directions such as “Apply” and “Continue” are rather confusing.

Convincing customers to part with their hard-earned is not an easy task, particularly when they are shopping online. Ease, availability, and security emerges as the prime factors that influence the payment decision. Therefore, an e-commerce seller should focus on all these factors to make sure that a maximum number of visitors get converted into loyal customers.

Originally published at on April 13, 2017.