Dear dumb, entitled, insecure, angry men of the world: I am tired of you
Dana Schwartz

The irony of this article.

Dear dumb, entitled, insecure, angry, possibly arrogant, definitely sexist author of this article:

it’s not men vs women: voting for Hillary doesn’t mean you’re for women, and voting for Trump doesn’t mean you’re for men. You’re being sexist to only address “men of the world” on this election. Hillary even opposes some women. Some women aren’t voting for Hillary. (I say some but could be majority or could be half.) Hillary doesn’t represent women or a gender, neither does Trump. For you to think you’re voting for a gender is foolish, when you’re being used for a self-serving career-criminal to get power. If it’s about women or gender, why not electing Elizabeth Warren? Why not other female candidates? Why this criminal? Why this candidate with so much liabilities, compromising for the party and for women and gender? Because it’s her time? Dictated by who? How’s it a democracy and not an oligarchy? You’re okay with an oligarch Democratic Party? let alone speaking on behalf of your gender. If it’s about women, why oppose Jill Stein? Why trash and smear her? If Hillary is about women, why is her Clinton Foundation paying women less, much less, while hiring more women?!

Did you read any of the leaked emails? Did you even research on #Wikileaks #DNCleaks #Guccifer2 #PodestaEmails ? To deny that or ignore that is being willfully ignorant to truth or facts or evidence. Just because you’re rooting for Hillary, or mistakenly or misinformedly rooting for a wrong candidate, doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t look into the truths on the candidate you’re rooting for. Just like the Bible or any other analogy, if you truly believe or have faith in what you think is the right choice or right candidate, then you shouldn’t have anything to fear in reading or seeking the truths on your candidate. You would gladly want to know more information on Hillary, not try to be in denial of reality or facts. Go read those emails. Read reporter Jordan from TYT’s tweets on those emails. It’s very clear that Hillary is corrupt, is lying, is colluding, is cheating democracy, is breaking the law of national security, is abusing government power, is taking in bribes, is conducting pay to play, is engaging in smear tactics with false information about her opponents, is propping up Trump her pied piper candidate (so it’s her responsibility too), is favoring Wall St instead of progressives or Democrats, is favoring war for warprofiteering and oil money instead of progressives or Democrats, etc.

Talking about Hillary doesn’t mean pro-Trump. The lesser of two evils and how they (those who control the 2-party establishment election) made it that way is a whole different discussion. This is also not favoring or talking about Trump voters either. If voters make their candidate what they are, guilt by association, then Hillary’s voters also have Republicans and terrorist’s dad and Saudi Arabia etc. So, Hillary isn’t a Democrat. This lesser of two evils is pretty much just all Republican candidates then. So, Democrats are being pawned out now in this election.

You talk of Hillary’s credentials and achievements, but you’re only saying that because of gender, as if Hillary represents all or even majority of women which she doesn’t. Her credentials or achievements don’t negate her current crimes, which are listed above. You can research it on wikileaks too.

You talk of FBI Comey being Republican. That’s another weak reason. Actually, it’s the internal FBI, most of the agents, who disagreed passionately with the injustice of Comey’s top-down initial decision to dismiss the case of Hillary’s breach of national security. Upon this new evidence from another case involving Weiner, that Comey has no choice, i.e. his hand is forced now based on the law, but to reluctantly reopen the case, or else he would be found guilty of obstruction of justice. You can research all of this and verify it yourself.

Your view of Comey and Weiner, and your reasoning based on their gender instead of the facts, just shows you’re very sexist. Your view of the world and your reasoning and comprehension of the world is very sexist. Sexists for Hillary in this election.

You talk of bullies. What about Hillary’s smear tactics, her overall predominantly negative campaigning? which her own staff pointed out too in those emails. Hillary and her supporters have been bullying people too, yet that’s ignored and brushed off.

From this election, from the transparency of those leaked emails and speeches (thanks to whistleblowers, one who has died, and hackers), it’s a rude awakening that Democrats are no different than Republicans, at least the Hillary’s Democrats, that Democrats aren’t for minorities, aren’t for nonwhites, are just for votes and power, that Democrats are just as racist and sexist and corrupt, that the Democratic Party or at least Hillary’s Democratic Party is neither democratic or progressive or liberal. It’s all for power, for money, for Wall St, for Big Money in politics, for Big Oil, for wars, everything that liberals don’t stand for and are against. The Democratic Party, it’s all a sham, just like Obama’s first cabinet members all Wall St bankers, one of many betrayals of this so called Democratic Party.

You talk of smart woman and hot woman, that’s Hillary? If not, what pertinence does your sexism insertion have on the topic of Hillary? You keep making it about gender, about sexism, when Hillary doesn’t even represent female rape victims (she suppressed and victimshamed them), let alone all women or the whole gender. This election is not about gender. Hillary is a criminal. Voters don’t want criminals as president. You making it about gender, seeing it as gender, as sexism ironically makes you sexist.

If you’re for women, for female gender, what about those many women who don’t support Hillary? Are they not women anymore? Are they not for themselves anymore, not for women? Or perhaps you’re sexist for thinking only your way, your candidate, is for women and against sexism, exploiting the sex card?

You say you’re tired, but you’re foolish and ill informed.