Crushes and Hunger.

We are attracted to the people that possess the characteristics we wish we have, consciously and unconsciously.

This was a random thought I had while I was watching a Youtube video, wherein I found the pianist to be attractive.

This feeling felt like deja vu, but that I could explain. HAHAHA. I’ve had various people whom I have admired and felt the need to get to know them. And I’m not sure if I am the only one who’ve felt this, I guess hopeless romantics could relate with me at this point: From that moment of awe, I feel like he must be the one for me. Haha. That’s my usual feeling when I am astounded by one’s craft. But today, it felt different. I’ve got realizations regarding my habit.

We are attracted to the things or the skills that we do not possess, yet; this attraction could also include great beliefs that people have, but we fail to comprehend, yet.

The attraction is the equivalent of hunger when we refer to our biological bodies, it’s just that attraction is the hunger of our minds for learning and more growth and improvement, it could also be the hunger triggered by our desires and our psychological needs.

I have frustrations regarding piano, I thought it was love at first view, but it wasn’t, it was my mind signaling that this man has the skills that I wish I had. And the attached presumption of being close to him will result to me acquiring his skills.

It actually works as the same concept with hunger, it’s just that, food is what you actually see, but the difference is it is not attached to anyone, you can have it in direct. Unlike the skills or the personalities we want to have, they are embedded and only retrievable from the people who possess them, and devouring these people won’t result to us acquiring their skills (cannibalism. lol). And from this, the only way to have it is to build a relationship and open up ourselves to whatever it will take to acquire the skills we crave for. (BTW, there are plenty of relationship types huh. haha)

It’s not destiny, it’s our minds being misunderstood. :)

Just a theory btw. Haven’t read much yet, regarding psych. haha