The Dot

Somebody reminded me last night how insignificant we are to the universe, macroscopically.

How our issues and are presumed limitations are so minute compared to the possibilities ahead of us.

We dwell too much on what we’ve missed, that we fail (for awhile) to think of all other options waiting for us.

It’s easy to think back of the things that we already know. Our memories are always within reach. That there are times when we’d rather choose regret than think of what to do next. We don’t like starting over again, ’cause that would mean that we have to go through a rough cycle of uncertainty, adjustment and fitting-in. But that’s how things are and will always be, we’re living in this space of possibilities, and in possibilities, everything will be uncertain, and in uncertainty, there is no standard fit, that’s why our best option is to adjust, and fill in the temporary relevant range the universe have given us.

Yes, we’re just a dot. But we’ve been given multiple options to explore our potentials and possibilities, with so little time. And yet, what we’ll choose? Will we still opt to compete in the man-made races, to be validated by the society as “successful” and “best”? Or we’ll be one of the few to question and explore what else the universe has to offer?

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