Purpose of Boredom

Why do we feel boredom?

This was the question I had in mind while I was doing my morning routines.

I get easily bored (and who doesn’t?), and I know where it is coming from.

It comes from being an informed adult.

As far as I remember, I was innocent to boredom as a kid.
Days were filled of plenty of things to do, plenty of things to explore and to ask. Tracing back to those days, I was far more busier than I am now, as a working adult. As a kid, I have ‘worked’ from 5 am to 8 pm; and with no pay. And I was happy and excited, all through out the time.

What happened? Why do we feel boredom, now? When in fact, we have the money now, to buy all the crayons and the legos the we want? Why did we stop being a kid, and have become boring?

From my perspective, this is probably traceable to having ‘awareness’ and ‘consciousness’; and being responsible for yourself.

We’ve become too absorbed by the societal standards of being an adult; responsible, informed and independent.

We’ve left the child traits that have replaced excitement with boredom. We’ve left curiosity and fearlessness together with our crayons and our legos.

What do we do with boredom now?

We should feel it. We should allow it to kick us in the butt and push us back to becoming explorers and scientists.

Boredom is an alarm, designed to awaken our sleeping potentials.

And it will never stop ringing unless we decide to jump into our feet, and leave the now-tiny room that our current selves have fully occupied.

Why are you bored? And until when are you gonna embrace such discomfort?

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