On the other hand the desire to mold another over which we have power is completely separate from both creativity and progeny.
It is reductionist because it is meant that way.
Andrei Draganescu

As a writer and a thinker, you must know that once you begin giving birth to an idea it takes on a life of its own. The process of expressing that idea is a constant negotiation between one’s own capacity for expression, and one’s relationship with the idea that has begun its birthing process. As the expresser, we have all the power in regards to how the idea is expressed. The idea, though, has all the power as to determine the validity and effectiveness of the expression. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve written something, reread it, and been horrifically disappointed at how far off I was from the mark I was trying to hit. That is the power the idea holds. And “love,” as you are terming it, is the way of holding that balance of personal expression-power and the idea’s power to guide that expression towards a better and more clear/accurate/beautiful end.

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