A Roadmap to Identify the Procedures of Strong Resistance Level Zones for Successful Trading

Support and resistance have become the robust technical trading strategy which is used by the traders to examine the levels of currencies and time frame on the charts. But when it would be the matter of making buying or selling decisions based on the drawing, most of the merchants often get confused due to the extensive range of lines present on the chart.

So, first of all, it is essential to acquire the necessary information regarding the terms ‘support’ & ‘resistance’ that can help you to know how it is used while identifying the strong resistance level zones. Support defines the low level of the stock price. It occurs when the demand for the downtrend is likely to pause. Various forms are formulated to analyze the price index, yet the most convenient way is the support and resistance indicator that fully works with the use of AI technology. There is no need to perform the manual plotting as the software automatically identifies the targets, scans the resistance breakouts & even displays the trendlines itself on the chart.

Here is a step-by-step that you can consider for knowing the work process of a support and resistance indicator.

Enable the chart launch

It is vital to launch the software first; Otherwise, you can’t see the price chart, once the launching is done, the support and resistance indicator performs the scanning of levels as per the available time equation. The next step is to verify whether the data gets saved or not. Well, the software may autosave the records to carry out the subsequent analysis.

Know the plot levels

There are four distinct kinds of plot levels, such as strong, super strong, moderate, and short-level. It is crucial to notice the working concept of all of them that are given below:

1. Choose a Strong Level when there is a need to examine the price breaks with a significant margin.

2. The Short-term Level is considered as one of the weaker levels in support and resistance indicators. However, it can only analyze the single framework, which is beneficial if and only if you are a scalper or a day merchandiser.

3. Always pick the Moderate Level specially incorporated for the people who do trading during the day time. Make sure to avoid instant trade entries that may ensure a high loss.

4. After testing, the rates of Super Strong levels will surely bounce back so you can choose based on personal preference.

Apply Filters to fetch efficient results

Unlike other automated tools & equipment, it provides the utmost ease to filter out the sparse trade entries. Suppose, the bounce filter proffers to manage those support and resistance lines, which are tightly clustered. The in-built swing filter is handy to locate the high momentum stocks. Furthermore, ‘the areas of S & R’ is suitable to visualize the crip lines.

Select the multi-time system

The MT4 or multi-frame KT support and resistance indicator allow you to make further price movements predictions in the multiple time frame. That means the records which you have checked a few days before, can easily be compared with the latest trends to make the comprehensive report.

Editor / Learning Evangelist at Keenbase Trading