Transformers — The Movies

I have not seen the actual cartoon but I have tolerated the movies that were created as a part of wide series. This series of movies directed by Michael Bay (MB) started off good, little realistic, little futuristic but still relatable as a normal viewer.

Mr. Bay went ahead with 4 more movies that came out at regular intervals and seemed lot more futuristic and on the side really over the top. Each new movie made me think why am I watching this, does MB think that you give anything to the viewers and they will watch it as well as appreciate it.

The 2014 movie was completely overrated and overly focused on what should not be shown, I have seen the movie twice and it seems MB thinks movie watching crowd is stupid enough to fall for all he shows. In one of the scenes he shows that 3 people from Earth reach sort of cockpit of the Transformers’s battleship and are able destroy a few things from within. Is it really that simple and are any of the villains that stupid?

I have not seen the latest installment “The Last Knight” but Polygon review tells its atrocious. I know I will watch it just to see how terrible it really is.

Please understand theses are my views and opinions so no offense meant towards anyone.

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