andSoMe — that was the year that was

It’s been just over a year since we brand-evolved into a social media agency. And how has it been?

Refreshing. We’ve continued to develop and grow every single one of the 58 communities that we manage. We have consolidated. We have experimented. Using platforms in different ways. Most worked, the odd one failed. That’s life. That is social media.

Rewarding. Our partnership with one particular client (and their trust in us) brought success in the Best Use of Social Media category in all the major recruitment awards of 2014. We didn’t enter the rest.

Satisfying. We continued our focus on engagement rather than gimmicks. Humanity more than technology. Authenticity above games. Reality over sell. We’ve created content. Lots of it. Not just the usual blog stuff. In excess of a 1000 visual updates. Videos. Podcasts. Mini Blogs. Picture Stories. Social Hacks. Social Events. Plus more. And please don’t ask how many Tweets. Lets just say 140 x Loads.

Enjoyable. We’ve had conversations. Laughs. Banter. Fun. Appreciation. And thanks. From candidates and communities across all our accounts. They are the reason we do what we do. It’s what makes it worthwhile.

Challenging. There have still been careers sites to build, maintain and develop. Not just Mobile first, but social first. Just as the use on mobile grows, so has the recruitment importance and influence of social. No site should be an island (with just a few logo links to the marketing social accounts).

Mystifying. Same story on Employer Branding. People, engagement and involvement are central. And one of the mysteries of the past 12 months is how can it represent who and what you are with no social voices?

Worthwhile. We’re no bigger (in people numbers) than we were. But we’re no smaller either. We’re a little bit smarter. And we learn something almost every day. We are working with new clients. We have turned others away. One we even broke up with before even starting — integrity can be a beast to handle, but one we’re glad to call friend.

And for 2015? Two words: Social Integration. Just watch this space.

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