A Humming Bird Gone Wild

Mystical fumes — Sage, Lavender, Rose, Myrrh — suspended in the air. A bird, caged. Home.

A bird caged, home, unaware of its own mental unclarity, carries an olive branch on its peak.

An olive branch on its peak, leaves drying, dead. Peace killed. A beacon of eternal silence.

A bacon of eternal silence. A song of endurance, is what let to the bird’s prolonged hymns.

The gates of the promise land — Eden.

The gates of the promise land. Framed, looking back, out of reach. Chained to the cage, holding back.

Holding back, chained is a sign that out of the cage, her wings will open into a divine spirit.

Her wings will open into a divine spirit. When she feels the wind on her feathers.


Resurrected. Mile by Mile. A hummingbird gone wind. An anthem. A lullaby of liberation.

A lullaby of salvation, revivify the bird in need of enchanting fumes.

Nature. Wind, stars, the universe. Freedom. At the edge of Zion, she leaps.

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