The Lush’s Ocean Salt — Self- Preserving Scrub

Throw back to baby, soft skin this summer before you hit the beach on swimsuits and bare faces. I present to you a scrub for you to try, one step closer to dazzling skin or should I say? One in many steps.

The Ocean Salt mask comes in Lush’s signature black pots, not to ideal for you girls with manis. It applies a bit rough at first, mainly because of its base ingredient being sea salt, after a few gentle circular motions, the scrub turns into a luxurious butter-like mask. Truly, this scrub will make you feel as if you on the beach. Did I mention it smells like Vodka?

Truly, this scrub will make you feel as if you on the beach which carries an ocean-like scent. Did I mention it smells like Vodka too?

Working on circular motions for about three minutes, then washing off with water. The scrub revealed fresh, deep clean skin with baby, soft skin texture. Due to its brightening effects, the scrub left my otherwise dull skin looking more luminous than a vibrant sun. Not to mention, this moisturizing, gentle exfoliator is all natural and vegan, using ingredients like avocado, lime, mango butter and silken tofu. No surprise being a Lush product.

This scrub is formulated to leave your skin glowing, get rid of impurities, and deeply cleansing pores. A great option to show the best version of your skin and dominate the summer glow.