Try This: The DIY Acne-Prone Face Mask

People always ask me ­ — whenever I go on a girls’ night out, when I’m shopping for a new skincare product or just randomly through a text from a friend­­ — “Karen, how do you such clear skin? How do you handle a major breakout?” I proudly deflect: “Lots of water and a clean diet.” But the truth is, rather embarrassingly, I spend at least ten minutes of my time each day searching for pore-clarifying cleansers, toners, DIY mask; the list goes on, to keep my skin clear. Constantly looking for ways to deep cleanse my large visible pores and remove all its junk. My newest DIY obsession involves three things: honey, cinnamon, and baking soda. A mask that claims to clear cystic pimples, removes gunk from pores and balances oily skin while lightening acne scarring. As soon as I read the recipe, I had to try it that same night at home. Conclusion: it was fun and messy.

I’m not sure if this recipe has just been circling around the internet or it’s an ancient recipe by ancient people. Whatever the origin, it’s not new and I am not the first reviewer. Searching through, skin care blogs, and YouTube, it was Pinterest who deliver this recipe into my eyes. The internet is crowded with DIY after DIY topics of how to get rid of cystic acne. I was curious, or should I say, my skin was going crazy, so I tried it!

Listen — DIY remedies are sensational. They are fun to make, from going to the grocery store to mixing the ingredients together to applying them to your face. But to keep this short, I have decided to distill the experience into a few questions. Is it approved? Let’s find out.

Does it work?

In my opinion, yes! It might take a few tries before you actually see a big difference. I focused on my cheeks, where I had the most break-outs, and I definitely notice a difference on my first try. My skin was less red and agitated, brighter and less itchy. The best thing though is how SOFT my skin felt afterward! The brightening and smooth effect outweighed, to me, the clarifying power.

It is hard to make?

Not at all, but it can be messy. The things that you will need are cinnamon, honey, and baking powder. Things that you may already have ­­or you might have to take a trip to the grocery store. After you’ve got everything, the preparation is very easy: mix one tablespoon of cinnamon, baking powder, and honey in a bowl, and apply to your face (this is the messy part!). Wait for about 5–10 minutes before raising with lukewarm water.

The smell is not so pleasant, despite adding honey to it. The scent is like 10 days expire milk and you will be able to smell it on your face. Nothing everything in life is rainbows and flowers, and watermelon-scented mask. Beauty is pain, right?

Is it cheap to do?

I would say is mid-range. Baking soda costs about $3, cinnamon about $3, and honey about $5 depending if you want it organic or not, all in which you might have already at home ­­ — if not, can you please go to the grocery store and also get milk because we’re out of it! A high-end mask cost about $40 if not more. You’re a partially saving 80% and is an actual effective mask!

Would you do this mask again?

Yes! Two reasons on why I would try this DIY mask again: one because of its brightening effects as I suffer from acne scars and two because how much my skin calm down, stop itching and after a few more tries my skin began to clear up and the cystic pimple began to diminish. I will try this mask with friends at a sleep over and enjoy the crazy fun mess. DIY masks are awesome, they are cheap, and they also smell disgusting but the after effects cancels that out.

How do you have such clear skin, Karen? What is your secret?

*smiles brightly* Lots of water and clean diet.