What it means to be adults in relationships

Being in a relationship is an adult business. It is something that needs to be taken seriously to be fair to everyone involved and to yourself as well.

Love hard, trust what you have and be a responsible adult. Believe me when I say we have all been hurt as victims once. Loving from someplace in that past is not loving, it’s lousy. It’s hiding. Give yourself an honest chance. Be fearless. Be vulnerable. Close your eyes. Be vulnerable. Let go of mistrust in him or her, let go of control, fears and predictions. Forget logic and, most importantly, your ego. You have to swallow your fear and trust in what you have.

When you do not trust, you doubt him or her. You do not listen and do not address real issues ever. When you do not trust, your ego rules. Let down your guard and stop be stubborn.

Responsible adults are honest and communicate well. It takes courage to be honest and open and vulnerable and have tough conversations. It takes courage not to make it about you! Responsible adults step out of their shoes and look at themselves from the side — only few people can do this unfortunately.

Leave your ego at the door. A healthy dose of ego is needed but do not make everything about you. People’s ego is usually blocking their potential.

Responsible and mature adults know themselves. They are aware of their perceptions, problems, issues, triggers; they know how everything affects other people. Never be dismissive or defensive with your significant other. If you are, then you do not trust him or her enough. Be open, admit everything about you that exists, communicate openly about everything! Communicate so he or she understands and not to prove a point that is important to you.

Always be an adult. If you do not grow up, do not be surprised that one day your partner will wake up and their feelings would have been changed.