A Letter to my Best Friend, Brain

Some days I feel like this


You know me better than anyone and you can count on me to take you places. We enjoy good times together and we are best friends since… forever. You can read my mind before I think and you know how I’m feeling inside before I do. We share secrets that we don’t tell and opinions that we keep to ourselves. Together we’re the best team and anything we put our head to, we do. We talk without speaking and get there without going. People don’t understand you, but you give meaning to everything. What we have is special and there’s nobody out there better for you, or me.

But it seems you’re hungry for all the knowledge I stumble upon. I don’t get it. Do we need to know everything? Shouldn’t we filter this stuff out? It seems to me we don’t have a plan. We need a plan! Do we have a plan?!

Why don’t you remember? We’re on this journey together, brain.