Finding ideas
Julie Zhuo

Can’t wait for the follow-up article: Stealing ideas.

Someone with design authority (cough..) at Facebook needs to address this issue — copying Snapchat stories and similar features! It may have been helpful to gain momentum, but reputation once lost, remains lost.

I’d feel like shit to be a Product Designer at Facebook and my job to be disregarded by the management team, through actions like blatantly stealing from others. I’m amazed there hasn’t been a mass exodus of talented designers — to be frank — when this feature rolled out. It’s like Facebook is out of ideas and they feel the urge to copy someone’s innovations.

Sorry to be harsh but I’ve never been let down by Facebook as a designer. It’s a first. I don’t care about the other issues around your company — privacy, politics, everything else — it was not relatable. But copying Snapchat?? What the fuck, guys!

I’m actually feeling upset about this stupid decision of yours. And not speaking about it doesn’t make it go away like it didn’t happen. If there are fundamental product problems at Facebook, stealing ideas won’t solve them and in the long run may become the reason for the demise of the platform.

Please grow some balls and be the one to speak out loud.

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