A simple tip for pitching your Token launch or ICO to investors
Paul Walsh

Hey Paul, that was definitely a scammer! I hate to say this but there’s only 0.7% ICOs worth investing currently, and of those, 40% don’t do a crowd-sale (they do pre-sale and usually their investors are institutions or VCs). This is based on this month’s research where I studies 690 ICOs.

Copyrighting is terrible as you said, but let me add to this: ideas are awful (most people don’t understand we’re at the infrastructure & protocol building phase), product is lacking any sense of problem solving / design / usability, teams are poorly presented (not just photos, but the info that matters), and I could go on.

I’ve noticed that startup guys in SV are still not in this game yet and I wonder what are they still waiting for. I know Blockchain is difficult and a good ICO involves a great number of alternating industries, but I’d expect to see more nevertheless.

What was the best approach you’ve had over an ICO? Maybe you can write a bit about that.

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