Ten Years of Worthless Side Projects
Zach Dicklin

Seems to me your approach is all wrong. How come you built so many projects that are not successful? Did you ever consider the Design Thinking methodology and only making 1 day prototypes, talking with customers, validating ideas, iterating, etc?

Stop any work you’re doing and take the free course IDEO offers here: http://www.plusacumen.org/courses/introduction-human-centered-design.

Also find resources looking at Apple WWDC and Google Design Sprints on Google. And read the materials here: http://www.designkit.org/resources.

Ideas should be experiments. Instead of 10 years you could have spent 1 month tops on validating these ideas. You don’t want to go on that route again. Even if you stumble upon a successful idea, don’t build it. Try to raise an angel round to validate it even further.

If possible, try to fix your own problems. These are the best ideas. You’d find problems by experimenting life, as someone said below.

See this also: https://www.highresolution.design/.

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