What is Your Design Philosophy?
Jesse Weaver

Stepping on the trails of IDEO here, but it seems to me their process is the definition of good design. Not just because it sounds right, but because it’s been adopted by most consumer-centered businesses, who are now also investing heavily in building a design mindset within.

We can now see individuals, head of design at big companies, with a past at IDEO. Their job now is to inspire and build teams of their own, using the same philosophy. This helps spread the practice of design thinking, and we can see that in the quality of products these companies create.

This philosophy is simple to understand and practice. It puts the human at the center of any product. It’s a 3 steps, repetitive-process to build solutions that work: inspiration (discovery, research), ideation (solution generation), implementation (prototyping and testing).

I found this to be altering any existing practices, so if you dive deep, be open to change.

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