What Twitter Can Be.
Chris Sacca

This is wishful thinking Chris. The difference between seeing a product’s flaws and throwing some ideas at what could improve it is that not everything will stick, if anything at all.

Look, I’m also a shareholder — albeit a small one — and I too have my ideas on what Twitter could improve. First, as a product guy, I’m definitely disappointed by the hidden features in the app and by it’s general flow. It’s not meant to attract users and it doesn’t.

While I see the analogy between Twitter and any newsroom out there, where Twitter is in advantage for having real time content, I’m not sure those users being logged out on both services enjoy ads. There’s no such thing as wonderful ads that people look forward to enjoy, while they want to be productive or read news. That’s why ad blockers have taken off.

So here’s my take on this — Twitter enables conversations. Sure, conversations mean many things based on the number of people who participate, the industry, etc — conversation generates buzz, debates, news. This is fundamental and it’s at the core of what makes us human. So Twitter should built on top of this — online and offline. It should be the platform where any conversation that is recorded happens. It should provide the tools for this. It should be where conflict is, where events happen, it should even hire journalists and help conversations grow — right here on the platform.

I think this approach with “what is happening” — is just a subset of the opportunities enabled by conversations, and if you and Twitter teams fail to see this, so do users.

Twitter should partner with Ted and similar platforms. It should be usable where there’s a thought to be expressed. Heck, the first words when stepping on Mars should be tweeted.