Tell Her that She’s Beautiful

Hi guys. It’s Dad.

Something crossed my mind this morning after I dropped you off at school. something crossed my mind that I wanted to share with you. Don’t let anybody or anything tell you what is beautiful. Only you could possibly know what is beautiful to YOU. Don’t look at magazine covers. Don’t watch reality TV. Don’t see what is being shown to you…but see what truly is.

Do you know the difference between a weed that grows flowers and a flowering plant? I sure don’t. Does it even matter? Which one is more beautiful? If you ask the florist and he’ll tell you that the expensive one is more beautiful. The truth is…how could a florist, or anybody else for that matter, possibly know what’s beautiful to you?

When you grow older and you find a young lady that you’re really drawn to, tell her that she is beautiful. If she wasn’t, you probably wouldn’t be attracted to her in the first place. Is it her intelligence or her kindness that you’re attracted to? Is it her spirit or her sense of humor? Is it her eyes or her smile? Or is it a unique blend of all of it? Something attracted you to her, and her to you.

Sure, when you go to a dance or out on a date, when her hair is done up just right and her make up looks great, oh yea, and she wears that cute outfit and is completely put together, yep…she is beautiful! But what about when she goes to sleep? What about when she wakes up in the morning? Did she somehow, in the middle of the night, become a completely different person? Of course not. She is the same person, with the same heart, the same mind, the same sense of humor and the same eyes. Sure, her hair is a mess; and she’s sleepy, but she is just as beautiful as she was the night before. I promise, it’s true.

You know what’s beautiful about that moment, that morning with grey sweat pants, messy hair, and bad breath? Her self. She is showing you her authentic self. She trusts you and feels safe next to you; safe enough to be herself. What could be more beautiful than that? In that moment, tell her she’s beautiful.

Tell her why she is beautiful. Maybe she makes you laugh. Maybe she challenges you to be a stronger young man. Maybe when she touches you…the pain goes away; the weight of the world melts away, even if only for a moment.

Hide her eyes from the ridiculous standards that our society created. Tell her not to believe the lies and deceit of the media. She is, as God intended, perfect. Her hair is perfect, straight or curly, long or short, blonde, brown, or gray. It’s perfect. The media will fight you all the way, but you can’t let them win.

As we get older, our physical beauty will leave us, this is true. But being so attracted to something that will certainly face; something that we don’t ever actually possess, but we borrow…well, it’s self-defeating. It will only lead to disappointment and heart ache for you both.

So look for inner beauty; look for character. Love her, be drawn to her her for who she really is, and that will last forever. People age. Our skin loses its softness. We get sick. We could become disfigured. We could lose the use of our physical bodies. We will never know what the future holds, but our bodies will most certainly age. In 2017, there’s no way around this fact, yet.

A woman’s body changes when she gives birth to a child. Those changes should be embraced; revered, respected. Those changes are proof of the sacrifice she made in order to bring life into this world. THAT is beauty. We shouldn’t ask a surgeon to do away with those scars; those trophies. And guys…yeah, even with those stunning blue eyes…you might just get flabby and bald, so keep that in mind too. ;)

Have you ever sat and listened to a grandma or a great grandma share stories of her life? Now there’s a boat load of beauty. You can’t help but sit in awe and listen. That is the beauty that matters. That is the beauty that grows; that shines instead of fades.

That inner beauty though; that beauty that made you fall in love; that beauty that made your heart ache when you were apart. That beauty never goes away. If you tend to it and nurture it…It grows.

Guys, see that sort of beauty in all things: in all people. It’s in the sunset. It’s in the mountains. It’s in a rock or a landmark or a skyscraper or a painting. And it’s in each of you. And it’s in all of us.

See it.

Appreciate it.

…and tell her she’s beautiful.

I love you,