Furnace: Gas vs Electric

Heating is mandatory when the season of winter is approaching. Everyone is doing their best to own any kind of heater. There are several types of heaters that are available in the market that you can choose from depending on your preference, depending on the size of your the room you are heating and the type of setup you desire.

These heaters are:

  • Furnace,
  • Boilers,
  • Heat pumps,
  • Direct Heat,
  • Gas
  • Fired Space Heaters
  • Unvented Gas
  • Fired Heaters
  • Electric Space Heaters,
  • Wood-Burning and Pellet Stoves,
  • Fireplaces, and
  • State of the Art Heating.

These are available in the market. But the most common heater is the furnace and it is available in the market at a low price and there are also available at a low-cost gas furnace rental. Such an affordable price right? If you are one of those who owns a furnace and yet you barely know things about it, this blog may help you know more and learn things:

There are two types of furnace, these are:

  • Gas Furnace and
  • Electric Furnace

Advantage of Gas Furnace

  • The gas furnace is the best choice for the people who live in the areas with freezing temperatures.
  • It is more effective than electric furnace because gas furnace heats up to higher temperatures than electricity.
  • It is also more efficient in energy consumption than an electric furnace model.
  • I will immediately produce heat as soon as you switch it on unlike the electricity which takes a little more time to heat enough.
  • Gas generally costs less than electricity.
  • This makes a gas furnace an economical option for heating needs.

Disadvantage of Gas Furnace

  • Running a gas furnace will cost you more than the electric furnace costing.
  • The gas furnace has a lesser lifespan than that powered by electricity.
  • It can be noisy running in the house especially if it is not well maintained.
  • Gas furnace installation requires more technical skills and specialized tools to properly execute it.
  • It is recommended that a qualified technician will install the furnace which adds more to your costs.
  • The installation will also depend on the availability of gas.
  • Gas furnace venting must be done for the house.
  • Maintenance is best done by a professional.
  • This will really add more to your expenses.
  • The gas furnace is more dangerous due because this type of furnace may produce carbon monoxide that is dangerous to respiratory.

Advantage of Electric Furnace

  • The electric powered furnace is generally more affordable to own than a gas furnace.
  • This makes the electric furnace more convenient for heating the house.
  • The electric furnace is quiet to run in the house.
  • It is more durable and its lifespan will last twenty to thirty years, it doubles the life of the gas furnace.
  • Most of the electric furnaces are made in a small or good size.
  • This makes them more comfortable to use and more convenient for installation.
  • Electric furnaces maintenance is not as involving as for the gas furnace.

Disadvantage of Electric Furnace

  • Electric furnace has a lower energy efficiency rate than a gas furnace.
  • Electric furnace tends to have higher running costs than those fueled by gas or oil.

An electric heater will commonly heat slower than a gas heater. Therefore, if you need a forty-gallon gas heater, you will probably need a fifty-gallon electric heater to provide enough amount of water ready to use. I hope this helps you decide if you will choose whether you want a gas or electric water heater, either rent a water heater or to buy, be smart with your decision.