Gas Furnace DIY Repair for Common Problems.

A gas furnace is fueled with either a propane gas or a natural gas to produce heat to an enclosed small or large rooms. Although the gas furnace is often in talked about as an expensive source to produce heat power, but it is cleaner in burning process compared to oil furnaces, therefore the furnace owners that uses gas furnaces as their source of power perform fewer repairs than those who are using an oil to power their furnaces. And when a problem occurs with the gas furnace, they are usually easy to distinguish and the labor is not that intense to fix or repair.

There are a lot of issues regarding the furnace that a homeowner may encounter. There are a lot of possibilities and situations that may happen. here are four of the most common issues that arise with an older gas furnace and what you can expect when you do a repair.

The Furnace is not Producing Heat.

If the gas furnace at home does not produce any heat, obviously there is a problem with your furnace, the chances are that it is experiencing the following common issues:

  • a closed control valve,
  • a blown fuse,
  • a stripped circuit,
  • a broken thermostat, or
  • a non-working pilot light.

You can easily fix these problems with some DIY repair tips you may read on the internet or from other sources, that is impressive. But it is best to call a gas furnace repair technician if you are not that experienced with gas furnaces. Repair services are usually free if you own a furnace via furnace rental services. But whatever the issues of your furnace, a professional technician must be able to fix that problem on the same day and none of those issues will cost you much for the repairs.

The Furnace is not Producing Enough Heat

If the furnace is not producing enough heat, it may be because of a blocked blower. The blower belt may be loose or the filter or the burner is dirty. As with a furnace that does not produce enough heat or a furnace that does not produce heat can be fixed on the same day at a low rate. If a technician says that the problems are one of the said issues and some of the issues are also happening, save money and have all them fixed at once.

The Furnace Keeps on Turning On and Off.

If the furnace keeps on turning on and then turning off before producing the preferred heat, it is like suffering from one of the following problems:

  • a clogged blower,
  • a dirty filter, or
  • an overly dry motor.

In this first problem, a technician will fix and clean out the flower and its surrounding using a vacuum. In the second problem, the technician will replace the temporary air filter or fix and clean and reinsert the permanent air filter depending on your preference. In the third problem. the technician will lubricate the motor by dropping oil in the necessary oil ports.

The Pilot Light Won’t Ignite.

With most furnaces, you can easily tell if the pilot light is in, by kneeling to the floor, look the underside of the furnace, you’ll see a small blue flame emitting from a small pipe. A pilot light that doesn’t light is generally caused by one of these three issues:

  • a clogged pilot opening,
  • not enough gas flow,
  • improper set of the gas valve,
  • damaged thermocouple.

Most of the gas furnace problems that a homeowner may encounter are easy to fix and can be fixed at a low-cost rate. But it is always necessary for those who are not expert to leave small work for the professionals. Especially if you are considering the danger of creating a gas leak. It is important to call a professional HVAC technician.