Bleisure; because all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Its been described as the mullet of the travel world; business at the front, leisure at the back.

Blesiure is the buzzword for the latest trend of mixing a business trip with a holiday.

But is this working smart for today’s workers and more importantly successful for the companies involved?

Seasoned business travellers know the scenario only too well; fly off to an exotic, exciting location, attend that important meeting, gaze wistfully from your hotel room or kick your heels in the airport before flying home.

Even if this is a good for business, it’s a bad deal for the employee.

They come back bored for the boardroom rather than refreshed for the tasks ahead.

It’s a wasted chance for the company to show their appreciation of their employee, that doesn’t just make business sense.

So here’s another scenario.

Let them take advantage of the opportunities provided by the trip and add on a few days of their holiday to really enjoy it.

Instead of flying home late on a Friday and feeling knackered all weekend, a Bleisure traveller finishes their meeting at 4.00 on Friday then enjoys a mini weekend break, arriving home Sunday night refreshed and relaxed.

And hey if they want to pay to bring their partner along at their own expense, even better.

Transforming boring business trips into shared moments with family, makes employees happier with life and happier with their company.

You don’t need me to tell you, a happier worker is a better worker and a more loyal employee.

Best of all, this Bleisure trip hasn’t cost the company a penny, but it’s given to the employee a priceless experience.

With the rise in mobile and digital technology, where beaches will become offices and sitting round the pool having meetings will be as commonplace as sitting round the boardroom table, Bleisure trips are here to stay.

Great. We will all benefit from making that work/life balance even more balanced.