In this post, service designer Andy Ireland reflects on what it has been like to move from a lead product design role to a service design role at BT.

I’ve spent close to 10 years working my way through graphic design roles, into the world of digital design as a user experience designer, honing my UI skills until becoming a product designer. The opportunity to become a service designer within BT Consumer Digital came up — an opportunity I was so lucky to have in our current climate. It’s something I’ve always wanted to explore. …

Andy Ireland from our Service Design team explains the importance of naming services after defined user goals.

Despite Service Design being fairly new to BT Design, we’re already making great strides in showing the benefits accurately naming the services we offer customers. Here’s how we do it.

The first step is to define what a service is. In BT Consumer Digital we worked together to form the following definition:

Service: Everything we do to help users meet their goal.

Why do this?

We wanted a high-level understanding of our many user journeys and services. …

Andy Ireland from our Service Design team explains how a user-centred approach is making a positive impact on BT Digital’s work.

We’re at an early stage of setting up our Service Design team, but we’ve already made great steps towards improving ways of working and improving focus on our customer wants and needs.

Our Service Designers work collaboratively with design teams across all of the brands in BT Consumer. This lets us take a holistic view of the services that we offer and influence how we make the most of the benefit to our customers.

One recent piece of work…

Andy Ireland

Service Designer at BT Consumer

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