Letter to whom may be concern

1600 Holloway Ave,
San Francisco, CA, 94132

20 May 2016

Hello Friend,
 It’s been so long since we last spoken and I thought of you as the perfect person to write to about why legalizing marijuana is a win-win situation for everyone. You always talked about how marijuana is worse than cigarettes and how it would kill you. If you haven’t followed my blog on medium yet, you should start following it now. I am still attending SF State as an undergraduate student and in this semester, I wrote blogs about the pros and cons of marijuana and whether or not we should legalize marijuana or remain illegal. Let me give you a brief summary that might change your perspective on marijuana legalization.
 Did you know that marijuana has zero incidents relating death? Meaning that marijuana have zero cause of death. Google marijuana fatality and you could see that no one ever died from it. I hate to say it but you’re wrong that “people can die from marijuana”. Research studies show that THC a substance consist mainly in marijuana helps fights cancers. If you’re against marijuana than you’re against people who wants to fight cancer. What is so awful with helping cancer patients on fighting an incurable disease.
 Prohibition on marijuana has cost the U.S billions of dollars incarcerating its citizen in possession of marijuana. These incarcerated people are not even smuggling the drug into united states or distributing large quantities of the drug but simply using it for recreational use. No harm is done to the others because people uses it indoors for recreational and medical purposes. If we simply legalize marijuana, we could save thousands of dollars from the people’s tax money and generate tax revenue and save billions of dollars. Don’t you think our money should go towards into something positive for the country?
 Legalizing marijuana could lead to an economy boost for a state. It could generate sales revenue and tax revenue for the state and be the lifeline for America to get back on its feet. Marijuana legalization could attract others medical patients from other states and makes billions of dollars. In 2015, the sales revenue of marijuana sales generated over 1 billion dollars of revenue in America and by not wasting our tax money on prosecuting patients, we could have a more successful economy.
 Marijuana is a natural drug and because it’s an herbal and proven remedy that helps patients who are in desperate need of the drug. The ban would be causing more problems than trying to fix it. We should just legalize it so no more persecution of patients. Save billions of taxpayers money by not wasting it on incarcerating its citizen. Generate more sales revenue for the economy and help others in fighting cancers, HIVs, epilepsy, and diabetes. Join the movement towards legalizing marijuana because honestly, prohibition is causing more negative effects than it’s worth. I hope you understand my points and come over my the side that helps people instead against us.

Sincerely, Your Friend
Andy Liao

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