Marijuana delivery companies

Many passive marijuana voters do not wish to legalize marijuana because millions of young adults have begun to abuse it to the point that for them it’s a daily habit. In my recent post, I talked about how marijuana has impacted high school students in Colorado . Lately, I have been reading articles from KQED and NPR Podcasts. These podcasts contain information about how patients, who are in need of medicinal marijuana are aided by local marijuana dispensaries due to their convenient locations. For those who are unable to travel to these dispensaries, there is only one alternative . Marijuana delivery companies.

I feel like the legal marijuana delivery companies that help patients are being under reported. Marijuana legalization had been the talking issue for decades. Many people are with it or against it, but there are a few companies in California that are utilizing this privilege by starting a business to help marijuana patients. Some critics say that it’s for the money which may be true. However, it could be also be convenient for medical patients who are in need of this unique service.

According to KQED, here in California, marijuana has become legal to the point where companies like Eaze, Nugg, and Meadows are able to create a cannabis delivery service for patients. These companies are jockeying to become the “Uber” of pot. These companies are expanding throughout California. The companies claim that they want to help more than just their medical patients by lobbying for laws on the legalizing marijuana in California.

Also NPR reporter Michael Montgomery interviewed Dann Halem, a non-profit marijuana delivery service he called “Artists’ collective” said, “The people who medical marijuana is truly meant for are not well enough to go into a store to get it,”and “So it’s absolutely critical for there to be delivery services in some way, shape or form.”

Patients can now receive weed with a simple touch of a button, patients have access to marijuana, without the need to waste time to travel to the dispensary to pick up weed because some medical patients are unable to go to dispensaries. These new marijuana delivery companies are here to deliver your medicinal marijuana to your home. Some medical patients like college students, could stay in school, go to work, or even stay at the comfort of their home and still receive their weed.

Another example would be Kat Ilera, a medical patients that uses marijuana to cope with her pain and anxiety. She was diagnosed and have stage 4 breast cancer which lead her to do surgery. After surgery around her back and spinal area, she is now fairly immobile. She uses a cane daily and she said, “I call myself a stormtrooper,” Unable twist or bend over or let alone go to the dispensary so having these marijuana delivery companies delivering it to her and helping her ease off her stress to commute to the dispensary.

I feel like this idea about marijuana delivery is awesome because medicinal marijuana patients have easier access to legal marijuana without needing to waste time to go to the dispensary. Undoubtedly, more people will have more job opportunities, economy would go up and most importantly patients could get their weed without needing to stress out. It is a win-win situation in my perspective and I support companies like “Eaze” and “Activists’ collective” help aid patients.

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