Should Marijuana be legalize or remain illegal?

My question is whether marijuana should remain illegal or become legal? Many protesters wants to legalize marijuana. However, the government stalls to legalize marijuana because believe legalizing it would cause an increase of addition.

Recently, learning about this topic is that marijuana potentially harm a child’s brain development. However, marijuana does pose some beneficial features like increasing appetite, feeling happy, and relaxation. In the end, the debate on legalizing marijuana haven’t pass in all the states yet. Currently, there are 23 states that legalized marijuana for recreational use. That’s nearly half of the United States

There are many advocates that stand for legalizing marijuana. According to Roger Roffman, a professor of social works at University of Washington mentioned that whether or not people would be dependent if marijuana is decriminalized? He said, “Probably not. A number of U.S. studies tell us decriminalization would not likely have an effect on the rates of marijuana use by adults or adolescents.”(Roffman) It doesn’t matter if it is illegal or legal. Marijuana is a substance that individuals uses simply because the side effects pleases them. I don’t think people would take on smoking weed because it is becomes “legal”. The only problem is that kids are starting to smoke weed at an early age. Nevertheless, marijuana legalization would not affect people to be dependent on marijuana because discriminating it only prevents unlawful incarceration of processing of insignificant amount of marijuana.

Legalizing marijuana could approach in a different direction. According to Mark A.R Kleiman, a professor of public policy at UCLA mentioned that marijuana today is “not your grandfather’s pot” meaning it is not the same as back then. Today’s marijuana potency has increased and is dangerous for consumption, therefore it should remain illegal. Mark said that marijuana potency is dangerous and that the only way to change it is to smoke a smaller quantity of it. Mark also mention if marijuana becomes legal, “restrictions could be put both on potency and on the THC/CBD ratio. So rising potency makes no sense as an anti-legalization argument; if anything, less-potent legal pot would be expected to substitute for the more-potent pot that would remain illegal.”(Mark) The best way for legalizing marijuana is to provide less dosage of THC and make low potency marijuana so it is safe for consumption.

According to Norm stamper, a police chief of the Seattle’s police 1994–2000 said that U.S is already the world’s leading per capita marijuana consumer and when it becomes legal it is certain that it would increase. Also, with marijuana becoming legal, kids would have an easier access to marijuana more than ever. Norm talks about when marijuana becomes legal, the government would then use taxpayer’s money to help prevent addiction and medical treatments for those who are addicted. Mark wants a policy that legalize marijuana but a policy that also prevents kids from getting easy access to it as well.