When you have lemons…

At the height of 90 degree weather last year, my 4-year-old son was on a rampage of operating a lemonade stand, an ice cream stand, and anything else he could think of to fuel his young, capitalistic appetite. Yes… at 4-years old. I had to ask him what it was that drove him to put all this effort into setting up a stand, using valuable playing time, and helping make fresh squeezed premium lemonade from scratch. It wasn’t for the measly $.50 a cup because half the time he wasn’t worried about collecting the money, and a 4-year-old surely doesn’t comprehend the concept of profit. He confidently answered, “I just want to make people happy!”

This struck a chord in me; the answer that many retailers and entrepreneurs — especially ones today that are onto new track records of success — agree with whole-heartedly.

So, maybe you have to ask yourself:

How can you add value to your customers to the point that your focus is not entirely on the sale or the profit?

How can you be so hungry for a connection, one that sells a smile on the customer’s face?

How do you provide that overarching value?

One word of advice: if you have little ones, listen to them and see situations through their eyes. It can be refreshing, pure and aspirational.

Another word of advice: when you have lemons, use them to make someone smile. Make a connection.