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The System is Down

Chapter 4

After the code check-ins from Ms. Hernandez, Vinod had his work cut out for him. So typical of someone like her to reformat the code layout to her whims. An existing convention existed, but she was obviously above that. Rules and laws never apply to folks of her status.

Whatever the changes, Vinod needed to review them before he would sign off on them. His greatest desire was to just revert all the changes, Fred had told him this was not an option. Vinod did not have faith in this stranger. …

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The System is Down

Chapter 3

The hum of the servers created a wall of white noise which Brad carried with him everywhere he went. Tinnitus accompanied his upper frequency hearing loss after years of working in data centers. Today was another rack-and-stack day at the University. He took new servers and network equipment and placed them into the cabinets and racks of the datacenter. …

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The System is Down

Chapter 2

After a long luxurious shower, Sandra finally wrapped herself in a plush terry cloth robe. Feeling nearly human, she did not even want to touch her old clothes and pushed them into a corner of the bathroom. It was time to explore her gilded cage.

As promised, the closet, a walk-in, contained a wide array of clothing– possibly more than Sandra had ever owned. One side of the closet was entirely taken up by high fashion dresses, formal dining wear, evening gowns and the accoutrement to go with them- corsets, lingerie, stockings, scarves, bags, and shoes. …


Andy Mayhew

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