Andy Mayhew
Apr 25, 2016 · 18 min read

The System is Down

Chapter 3

The hum of the servers created a wall of white noise which Brad carried with him everywhere he went. Tinnitus accompanied his upper frequency hearing loss after years of working in data centers. Today was another rack-and-stack day at the University. He took new servers and network equipment and placed them into the cabinets and racks of the datacenter. He wired them up for power and network. And while he could’ve pressed the undergrads to do the heavy lifting, they had a habit of dropping fragile equipment. He left them to break down the shipping boxes and to generally clean up the mess of the build out. By doing all the work himself he maintained an impeccably neat cabling system. Every cable cut to length. Even connection labeled at each end. The combination of anal-retention and OCD combining to form a tidy server room where failures were a rarity.

From: anon-67421903@anonymous.huSubject: Widespread attack planned in next few daysI have it on good authority that a multi-vendor multi-platform viral infection is currently spreading through the Internet. It will affect all major routers, switches, servers, PCUs, HVAC, and telco systems. It is designed to infiltrate your hardware and at the appointed time will spin-lock the CPUs and shutdown all cooling systems. This will continue until the hardware melts down.This is part of a singular corporation’s plan to shutdown the global Internet along with all other communications systems. The attack will hit globally within a 24 hour window. It will happen at your location near the peak of the day’s heat.If you start to see your network peers fall off the network, your best defense is to shutdown all your machines.I will attempt to send code to demonstrate the attack functionality.Good Luck.

* Nuke: Ignore all timing procedures, spin-lock the cpus, and
* lock out all other commands. Ensures that the melt-down processes
* are activated and locks out all further commands from C&C. This
* ignores follow-the-sun deployment and should only be used if there
* is some massive problem and we need to up the time table.
Andy Mayhew

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Dot-com survivor, technologist, automobile enthusiast, and covered in cat fur.

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