White Noise
Son of Baldwin

I cannot stop shaking my head. This story, as well as most of the commentary on it, is completely overblown.

It is laughable that he dares to call out his neighbors’ so-called hypersensitivities while he is himself in the midst of a complete overreaction to a one-paragraph note. An overreaction to a situation he doesn’t even attempt to dispute, mind you.

I work for an answering service, and a large portion of our clients are apartment complexes. Want to guess what the complexes’ directions for noise complaints at 95% of those properties are? Anyone? Refer out the police. While I don’t think that calling the police is really an equivalent response to some lost sleep, it shows that the reaction is not without precedent. Besides, can anyone honestly tell me that they think the best resolution to this situation would have been for a man who had just been woken up from sleep to, in a state of irritation or anger, knock on Richard’s door and drag him out of the bed he had just gotten into? If unnecessary escalation is what we’re worried about then I think most people would agree that it’s a good thing a face-to-face discussion was avoided. Especially since, as many have pointed out, this ridiculous reaction is a pretty solid indicator of how that conversation would have gone. “[S]ee attached list of the 821 men, women and children killed by police or in police custody to date in 2016”? Are we being serious right now? Good lord. Black lives matter, but so does sleep, man. Give it a rest. By making this about race all you do is foster negative feelings that might not have otherwise existed.

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