Protection is good, it can stop us from doing harmful things, and save us from being tricked by fraudsters, but having our bank accounts and lives picked apart behind our backs, gives you a “spied-upon” feeling.

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A few days ago I started receiving e-mails from Netflix that were telling me I needed to update my payment method because they couldn’t bill me my last payment to my credit card. As a vigilant person, I ignored those emails, because: hey, that’s the way scammers and fraudsters work right? They send you a mail saying “something went wrong, please follow this link”, and then you naively enter your credit card data on a fraudsters site and get scammed out of a lot of money…

So I did what everyone should do, delete that email and feel good about myself not falling into a…

Shattering those dreams and building new ones

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During your research, or just random browsing the articles put up by your google search about trading bitcoin, have you ever come across statements like this:

- How to buy your own Lambo by day trading bitcoin

- Make a living from anywhere in the world by trading

- Follow “X” golden rule and trade yourself to incredible riches

- …

Well, I have, far too many.

I’ve even come across statements of people saying:

“I just quit my job today, looking forward to trading full-time.”

Reading comments, clickbait titles and ads like that gives me the shivers, because they target gullible people with only one goal, to take their money as fast as possible. …

How professional gamblers get rich

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So, the title may seem a bit harsh and you might think, well why would anybody in his right mind call professionals in the financial markets gamblers, they make a ton of money?

Well, the ones you hear about make fortunes, those that lose them tend to end up in the margins of the history books.

I’ve written this document, because I noticed that many of the members Edge Analysis Group have questions about futures trading and whether it’s a good idea to start with futures and leverage trading.

That’s why, before I start this document, I want to point out that the financial markets are a zero-sum-game. …



Content creator; Founder of SuccessofChange; ex-founder of Edge Analysis Inc.; Dreamer all the way

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