1. “Every department is buried in organizational debt (policies and processes that have piled up over the years) and few employees feel they have the right to call bullshit on this stuff. But in truth, so many things that we might attempt are safe, even if they fail.”
2. “In Florence, the average annual rate of infant abandonment between 1500 and 1843 ranged from twelve per cent to forty-three per cent.”
3. “the idea that students learn differently depending on their personal preference for visual, auditory or kinesthetic queues is just a myth”
4. “Like the coast of Britain, the brain lacks an average or privileged scale.”
5. “anger is a product American consumers never tire of buying”
6. “Surprisingly, when I asked the group of New York City girls and boys from different cultural backgrounds what they thought poverty meant, they answered, in this order:”
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