App Fatigue? Chatbots Maybe the Answer
Stephen Keep

Great article and I look forward to reading about your progression towards building a chat bot. I also agree with your point on messaging apps, one of the best in my opinion was path and its ability to “message”* companies.

I have a question however. While I agree that apps are sometimes unnecessary, one upside to an app or web app, is a standardized interface and communication interface. For instance, when ordering a pizza I click the size and toppings I want and enter my address into a form which then sends a standardized http request — very simple and very standard. With chat however, there is an AI and natural language processing problem. How to you ask questions? How do you parse the different forms of wording to order something? Thoughts? Is AI at the point at which it is smart enough to not mess up my order or offer up a poor user experience?

*Realistically a person would actually call the company in question