Spike’s old Tonka truck collection adorns his carport in Tucson, AZ.
Spike’s old Tonka truck collection adorns his carport in Tucson, AZ.

My dad worked with a lot of guys at the lumberyard, but I only remember a few. One played football for the University of Arizona. One had a booming loud voice. Spike was just plain fun.

I loved to visit my dad at work. It was a boy’s paradise. It was like an amusement park filled with big trucks, forklifts, tools and flannel. The aroma of cut lumber wafted through the breezeways. Men shouted back and forth as they arranged loads of lumber designated to become the next custom home, porch, or piece of custom furniture.

Amidst all the machismo and the rumbling V8 engines…there was Spike. Perhaps my clearest memory of the lumberyard was a moment in which I turned around to the sound of loud “hootin’ and hollerin’”. The sounds you’d expect coming out of a cowboy riding a bull for the sheer fun of it. It was Spike careening into the lumberyard on his moped. My dad yelled something at him…something like “Hey! Watch where you’re goin’ bucko!” with a smile on his face. …

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Still image from Bad Things by Seanloui — Filmed by William Morrison

“HI!!! i’m still looking for a classic car for a music video shoot happening on July 22nd… I’ll add you to the music video if you do it!”

I’m in my mid-thirties. Okay, some would say late thirties. I have a family. I have at least two jobs. I am a small business owner and a pastor. I like to get to bed on time. If I eat spicy food late, I can’t sleep. I have flashbacks of acid reflux commercials. I used to laugh at them. I’m starting to make strange noises when I stand up from sitting in a well-cushioned chair. …

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After 27 years of providing chiropractic care, Dr. Murrow is closing his doors. I don’t blame him. It seems he’s doing it for all the right reasons. He isn’t trying to make a name for himself or get rich. He’s trying to dial things back and make space for what matters. I don’t blame him. But I will miss his office and my time under his care.

His office is a combination of everything I’d never do. The walls are plain white, offset with mild turquoise accents. Desert art, circa 1992, sparsely adorns the walls. Fluorescent lights blare down from in-between the acoustic ceiling tiles. I hate acoustic ceiling tiles. These tiles don’t match. I can discern three different patterned types from where I’m laying on the Verteflex 2000. A leak in the roof has stained one of the tiles in burnt-orange concentric circles. The Verteflex drones on as my back is systematically stretched before my adjustment. …


Andy Littleton

Andy is a pastor, small business owner, writer and podcaster. He and his family live in Tucson, AZ. www.andylittleton.com

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