End of Week 2

So week 2 was hectic, hence the lack of blog post, sorry.

The topics covered in week two were similar to week one, just covered in further detail (so TDD/Pair programming/ OOD/ etc.). The week “challenge” was to simulate an Oystercard-esque object.

My creation of this can be found here if you are interested. I thought it was quite a nice implementation, with only having one class that the user needs to talk to which then delegates to many other classes who do the actual work (attempting to follow SRP as much as possible). On discussion with the course coach about this, it became apparent that this was effectively an implementation of the anti-pattern “God Class”. I also feel that with a bit more time I may have been able to better rework the “journey” class, as it still feels a bit big, and a bit too tightly coupled with other classes.

If you have any further thoughts, please drop a comment