Slides: 2017 Mobile Growth Stack

Back in December I was in San Francisco, where I had the honour of presenting at’s Growth Stack SF conference, meeting with a multitude of talented industry folks, and visiting awesome high-growth companies including Healthtap and Airbnb to hear about how they are approaching their growth challenges.

The slides from the talk at GrowthStackSF are included below. Additionally, posted a video of the full presentation, along with videos and slides from the entire conference.

I also had the pleasure of participating in a fireside-chat style video segment with Brian Balfour for the awesome Reforge growth series and presenting the 2017 stack to the MoPub team at Twitter HQ for their #PowerUp2017 internal strategy meetup.

Talking growth with Noam Yasour from Twitter’s MoPub team

In the weeks before the trip, we’d been beavering away in Berlin at Phiture on a 2017 update to the Mobile Growth Stack. Moritz Daan (ASO Legend, former SoundCloud growth wizard and co-author of the Mobile Growth Stack) and I launched our consultancy, Phiture, in 2016 and the new iteration of the stack incorporates a lot of experience that we gained working with clients around the world on their mobile growth challenges.

Slides from GrowthStack SF:

As always, feedback, comments and suggestions for future iterations of the stack are most welcome.

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