I usually skip over the Medium posts that whine about technology, but I recently experienced deleting comments from Medium and I thought I’d whine about it on Medium because I’m no better than anyone else whining about technology on Medium or anywhere else. (side note: I write run-on sentences)

Step 1.
Find the comment you want to delete and click “you responded” to open the comment in place.

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Step 2. Click somewhere on the comment, which is apparently called a “Response” in Medium parlance —okay, makes sense. (it’s not indicated where to click. Be careful where you click because you…

I’ve always felt like my highlighting of current/active navigation items in Angular have been a band-aid solution. I’ve done some janky things in the past like having a ‘navMain’ variable on the root scope. Typically because the navigation was outside of regular $scope (outside of ng-view in a template).

Luckily I found this StackOverflow answer which uses a controller rather than a directive (not that one is better/worse than the other, but a controller feels like a good fit for this). But I quickly ran into a singular/plural issue with my paths (“/project” vs. “/projects”).

So I modified the controller…

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