Backlogged blogger… It’s Been a While.

I hope I’m still in whatever blogger circles/criteria there are? But really? I do what I do. Consistency|Regularity is key — fuck that, I’m doing the walk of life.

Summer came and went or is going. I’ve been out. I missed it really, the craft the expression of writing I dropped out for a spell. As I drive by the regularity of the cows and the lofty clouds, boom. Here we go #radandy type type, chug a chuga. Gawd, I should be blogging more. I lost my frequency. Ugh. Not worthy, well worth is worth, I took a break coming back, cows don’t care. They always come home.

They walk from the meadow to the barn. I walk the path of life. My mom told me this as we questioned together in my teen years her approach to death as sickness took her life. “What do you say?”, “What are you doing, mom?”. Her response: “I’m doing the walk of life.” I heard the Dire Straits song that she referrers to twice today, in two different locations. I looked up at the clouds, and smiled hearing it on the radio. In the pharmacy the second time, I could not see the sky so I just drilled down into #radandy I smiled paid for my battery and left.

With this pride, honor, recognition, we can and do turn all the night time into the day. As we see what really is and could be. I and my endeavors with MISmakers, Vermont Volume Reduction, Mosedale Integrated Solution’s, and my Shredderbot baby — it’s all a walk. It ends and begins, by new designs, by firing clients, or gracefully walking out the door. It is what it is. So the backlog is drastic, it has built up and frankly I forget to record or write. Topics reel by I try to catch them. I’m on the road or trying to survive — I’ll keep it going. I do the walk. One designer told me I communicate in odd ways. I guess thoughts and the flow of ideas created this — the walk. The walk of life.

So I’m revving up — please look for more I’ll try to remember the content and the story / tale and yes the bla bla for yet another entertaining read. Ha. Stay Tuned. Please?