Letter #47: Authentic happiness ≠ “super happy”
Johnson Kee

It is so simple, and obvious yet it seems to be the hardest thing to do at times. We are forever caught up in details and counter economic scales of measurement (status, favors, and human and monetary capital). Folks keeping track, or score. Yes it is how many things operate (goods & services) and I admit I participate. However, I reach into myself and bring the pink light out daily- shine it to another as best I can with the means I have. And it is the investment (the non tabulated gain/loss) the giving, sharing, paying forward- that is the true value is us all. The score becomes a karmic thing, that you know you’ll receive later when you need it and the other(s) feels happiness. As we all should feel or be felt. So I digress: ‘At the top of this mountain (this human relationship space) we breathe, gaze, and open head and heart’. Happy?