Why The Giving Tree Makes You Cry (and It’s Not Why You Think)
Anthony Ford

This runs deep Anthony Ford ! It is the passing of time the expectations of life our existences that we substitute for happiness. But we can’t see it or don’t accept that that is true peace and happiness- the tree. I recall doing this play at my Montessori school 35 years ago. It it was so fun to see the evolution of ages — to play and joke on who is what character- yet the tree was one actor — static. Solid. Consistent. Some meaning here? I feel it is the revisitation to the tree that is true — the satisfaction of one simple connection between two. In fact what I remember, reading this many times is the simple drawings. They allows the reader to fill this deepness with ideas of our time growing loving expectation humbleness. This gets the cry. We can let our eyes rest and then let the simple forms / empty space enter our pupils, eye nerves and finally our brain. Our time here is short, these pictures are simple and let’s us easily ponder that. Thank you Shel. The tree, the person all evolve through an time landscape. The person evolves through a templated world we live in. The tree a constant plant fixed yet growing- evolving but staying the same- loving. I imagine when the day is done we grow / evolve excitedly as students prepare for the first act of a play. However, The Giving Tree shows us we are the same no matter what time has pasted.