On sin
Jonas Ellison

Yes Jonas Ellison it seems to be a deeper self judgement piece this sin you speak of. I wonder if other social and cultural ideals were or are at play and how that causes us to beat ourselves up. I feel this touches on individuality and our feeling of who we are as confident authentic humans. But our actions whether judged or held personally can effect others, and in turn ourselves — does this circle? I have to say it is how we understand this circle how and how it acts on us that truly defines what ‘us’ is. But I ramble .. whatever ‘us’ is who knows .. A foot on terra firms or a speck in a galactic black hole. Sin — good — evil — bad-happy-sad it’s really insignificant. This is fortified by who we keep close, it those folks who don’t judge. When day is done it’s love, unconditionally that prevails.