Apparently I joined faceache ten years ago today. So It must be well time to leave, but where to? Best contender out of a sad bunch so far would be Medium, but it’s only a matter of time before that degenerates in the same direction. Another possibility is to return to Wordpress dot com as a network. Notice that Google plus hasn’t been a sensible option since, well even since they first bet the farm on it probably.

I wrote the above first as a status update, with Fb in the IOS Safari browser, then decided to publish it on Medium instead. My browser is unsupported, probably because my device is a few years old. So here we are in the App instead. I do like the white space though, it seems a shame to fill it in with all these letters and words.

Here’s a gratuitous photo I took of the Quantum Cloud sculpture by Antony Gormly. I like way the draft post autosaved and survived restarting the app.

And now a link to another place: https://andyroberts.wordpress.com